Haywood Arts Regional Theatre

2012 Audition Dates

You can be a part of a HART production! HART (The Haywood Arts Regional Theater) is a semi-professional, community theater which offers paid positions to professional and semi-professional actors in leading or specialty roles and volunteer opportunities in all roles to community theater actors.

Professionals and Semi-Professionals
Actors who define themselves as professional or semi-professional are expected to have considerable experience on stage and/or training in theater from a college theater program. Actors in this category may be students pursuing a degree in theater, actors who have theater degrees and actors who have appeared on stage in the region in leading roles or character roles over a number of years. An actor in this category is expected to present a professional audition – a prepared monologue (not necessarily from the show being cast) sheet music for an accompanist if it is a musical audition, and an 8x10 photo with attached resume. Actors not prepared in this way may audition as community theater actors.

Community Theater Actors
Actors who define themselves as community theater actors are offering to donate their time on stage as volunteers. They may be cast in any role including leading parts. Actors in this category may, or may not have experience and/or training. Experienced actors may simply be electing to donate their time and talent. Inexperienced actors are joining the company and learning the craft in process. When auditioning community theater actors will be asked to cold read from the script. They are not expected to have photos or resumes but should try to bring sheet music or recorded accompaniment if auditioning for a musical.

Gas Stipends
Anyone in the cast traveling from outside of Haywood County may apply for a gas stipend to help defray some of the expense of commuting to the theater.

Comps and T-Shirts
Every member of the cast receives one production T-shirt and One comp ticket to the show. Actors may be asked to help post posters but are not expected to recruit audience. One of the final dress rehearsals is open to friends and family. In addition friends and family may volunteer to help as ushers and at concessions to see the show for free.

Actor Compensation
HART is unable to compensate professional and semi-professional actors at a level which truly recognizes the value of their talent, training, or time in the way a fully professional company may. The level of compensation generally ranges from $10 - $30 per performance, depending on the size of the role, and the actors experience. This is negotiated with the director who has to cast within a budget. This limited compensation is offered primarily to help define the role as “professional” on a resume, and to acknowledge the value of the actor’s training and experience.

Equity Actors
HART on occasion employs actors who are members of Actors Equity Association under a Special Appearance contract. Due to the expense these actors are usually brought in one week before tech and are expected to be able to step into a role with very limited rehearsal time. Contract terms are negotiated individually but Equity performers are expected to be available as needed during their contract.

Anyone interested in working backstage or on the crew should also come by during auditions to get involved.

Please Note:
Audition dates are subject to change. Any changes will be posted here or you can call 828-456-6322 for more information.

By Tracy Letts :: Directed by Steve Lloyd
Large cast numerous roles all ages
September 23 & 24 at 6:30 p.m.


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